Being sick is tough. Being sick with little to no money to treat yourself is worse. If you’re a Nigerian, chances are higher that you might be financially unable to seek medical care if you develop a severe illness.

It’s not just you. 97% of Nigerians don’t have access to health insurance. More and more Nigerians are resorting to online fundraising to improve their chances of good health.

With the increasing willingness to seek funds online, the next big decision you may struggle with is which fundraising platform to choose. And your concern is valid.

For successful fundraising, you need at least three elements: a safe platform, social media or a caring community for publicity, and donors. While there are a few good fundraising sites that meet these criteria, Helpa stands out.

Why Helpa?

Helpa is the best medical fundraising site for individuals and NGOs in Africa. We are a trusted healthcare financing platform that enables people battling with critical illnesses to have a fighting chance at life. 

Even though we launched in 2022, we have helped our users raise over 65 million naira, mostly for medical treatment.

What Makes Helpa the Best Fundraising Choice?

Here are some of the reasons why people prefer Helpa to others:.

  • Ease of Campaign Creation and Donation

On Helpa, campaign creation is easy. From our simple initial signup to the final stage, it takes only five minutes if you have all the required materials to create a compelling campaign at your fingertips. Our website is simple to navigate and intuitive, as it guides less tech-savvy individuals through the process. In addition, we have made ample step-by-step videos to help intending users create their campaigns.

On the other hand, donating is a simplified process for prospective donors. For one, you don’t have to sign up on Hella to initiate a donation. Once you have decided to contribute to a campaign, payment time is quicker than the snap of a finger.

  • Healthcare Focus 

One of our unique features is that we’re mostly focused on medical fundraising. We understand that many people fall ill, but only a few can afford quality healthcare. It is our goal to reduce mortality and morbidity associated with financial inability to seek adequate care for people across Africa. Because healthcare fundraising is our major concern, we support medical campaigns to the best of our capacity. We assist with campaign setup and storytelling, publicity, and even donations to their funds.

  • Verification of campaigns

There is no fraudulent campaign on our platform. You may be wondering how we’re so convinced. It is simple: We’re in partnership with a robust network of healthcare professionals who ensure that every cause on our site is adequately vetted. Once a campaigner signs up, the interval between verification and sign-up ranges from 10 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on the location of the hospital. You can support any campaign of your choice on our site without fear of scams.

  • Multi-currency Donations

Even though Helpa is designed for Nigerians, helpers are everywhere. For this reason, we built a global donation portal that accepts donations in dollars, pounds, euros, and yen. We’re still working to increase the variety of currencies to enhance the quantity of funds our users can raise.

  • Disbursements of Funds

As soon as donations start coming in, users can start withdrawing to cover urgent medical expenses. There’s no mandatory waiting period or delay. Every second counts when it comes to managing illnesses, and we operate with this knowledge in mind.

  • Self- or Third-party Fundraising

With Helpa, you can either set up and run your campaign yourself or have someone else do that on your behalf. Being sick can be exhausting, and it could be physically and mentally stressful to monitor the progress of your campaign by yourself. That’s why we allow third-party fundraising.

  • Online and Offline Donation Channel

Helpa has two donation channels: online and offline. Online payment requires a website and debit card, while the offline channel uses bank transfers that more people are familiar with. Both avenues exist because our users have varying degrees of technological proficiency. We don’t want to deter well-meaning donors who might not be familiar with online payment portals.

  • AI Campaign Storytelling Feature

Although this feature is still being developed, we can’t wait for you to experience it. The AI feature is designed to help our users craft compelling stories. Sometimes, people can’t find the right words to describe their health or emotional state. With our AI storytelling feature, that will become a problem of the past. Another advantage of it is that your campaign setup time is shorter.

  • Publicity Assistance 

We consider it our responsibility to use our social media platform to promote campaigns for our users at no extra cost. It is at the core of our business ethics to assist campaigners with gaining traction. Building Helpa for medical fundraising is not enough, we go the extra mile to help our users regain their health.

  • General Health Promotion

While our primary service is fundraising, we also engage in health education and promotion. Prevention is the least expensive form of healthcare provision. Through our blog and weekly newsletter, we distribute reliable preventive information concerning prevalent medical conditions in our community. We also organize periodic medical outreaches where we offer basic medical services and distribute basic medicines.

  • Multiple campaigns

Our platform allows an individual to create more than one campaign at a time and promote both of them simultaneously. 


Raising money for your health concerns is already hard. You need a great fundraising platform that is easy to navigate and supports you every step of the way.

Choose wisely, choose Helpa